Patients and their families who are confronting a serious or prolonged illness are forced to make life-altering decisions – such as which medical evaluations to undergo, choosing the most effective treatment for their condition and selecting their treatment team.

It is precisely when patients and their families are experiencing the highest possible level of stress and anxiety and potential life-threating situations that they need to deal with the unfamiliar and overwhelming world of medicine. They are inundated with a whole new language and complicated medical information. At this moment, patients and families don’t always have the emotional strength and skills to make broad, informed decisions.

In these complex situations, patients need a guiding hand. They need a medical expert to lean on – a trusted professional to take responsibility along with them, to manage the case, direct them and help them understand and reach a decision.

Consilium was established by a team of Israel’s top doctors with the mission of providing quality medical case management for patients and their families.

Prof. Gabi Barbash: Board-certified in internal medicine, occupational medicine and healthcare administration; former CEO of Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov) (1999-2015) and former Director General of the Ministry of Health (1996-1999)

Prof. Anat Gafter-Gvili: Board-certified in internal medicine and hematology; director in the Internal Medicine Department and a senior oncology physician at Rabin Medical Center

Prof. Shlomo Berliner: Board-certified in internal medicine and hematology; director in the Department of Internal Medicine at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov)

Prof. Yaakov Naparstek: Board-certified in internal medicine, rheumatology, clinical immunology and allergy; former Director of the Internal Medicine Division at Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem and former Deputy Director/Head of Research and Development at Hadassah

Patients with a severe / complex illness are required to make decisions about which tests to undergo, the most effective treatment of their condition, the choice of doctors to treat them, and more. In times of stress, anxiety and sometimes life-threatening, they are forced to cope with a world unknown to them, language that is not clear to them and complex medical information, and they do not always have the mental ability and tools to make an informed decision.

Management of complex medical cases

Physician case management is designed primarily for those dealing with complex or serious medical conditions:

  • Oncology patients

  • Patients whose diagnosis or treatment strategy is not clear

  • Patients with ongoing medical problems that go unresolved or worsen

With Consilium, a senior-level Israeli physician personally guides the patient, managing the medical evaluation and treatment. The Consilium doctor helps patients properly and effectively prioritize medical testing based on intelligent integration of all medical data; this Consilium professional formulates the diagnostic and therapeutic strategy best suited to the patient’s situation.

Medical guidance during hospitalization and ambulatory care

Often times, hospitalized or ambulatory patients who are undergoing lengthy treatment need an external professional opinion. They seek a specialist’s recommendations on the next course of action or subsequent treatment, or they need answers to medical questions or resolution to treatment-related problems. 

Consilium experts provide active guidance to the patient and/or family across inpatient and ambulatory settings. This service bridges between patients and care providers when complications arise or when patients feel that they are not receiving optimal medical attention.

High availability telephone-based medical consultations

Easy-access telephone support is provided by a senior-level doctor for any problem or medical need that arises, providing answers to medical questions, health guidance, recommendations or assistance in decision-making. Support is a phone call away, provided at critical moments with maximum availability.

Medical consultation meeting and/or medical opinion

A consultation meeting for an initial, second or third medical opinion. The service is designed for patients who are at a crossroads in their decision-making regarding surgery, treatment or ambulatory care, or are seeking a periodic assessment of their medical condition.